Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

525.600 Seconds!

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Have 1 successful year
12 healthy months
52 beautiful weeks
365 lovely days
8760 pleasant hours
525.600 happy seconds

Susie and I we are both afraid of the fireworks - they bang already all afternoon and evening! It's still 1,5 hours to go before the big one at midnight...sigh

Samstag, 25. Dezember 2010

* Merry Christmas *

I know it has been real quiet inhere recently, but still I wish you....

Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

~ Neglected ~

Today I could persuade mum to finally post in my blog again - she neglected it.
I can't post alone - my paws are too big!
Here you can see me on the roof, while mum was cleaning, I wandered around.
And the other pic was made in the forest. Mum did some experiments with her cell phone camera....can you see me?!! Enjoy!


Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

~ In the Sandpit ~

Today mum and I were lucky! It was the first time since long that we have been at the large sandpit again. One side is working area and the other is for recreation, with a forest and even a beach. Here you see me at the sorta beach. It is not allowed anymore for doggies to run free; I would have so much love to.....tried to persuade mum, but she did not leave me off the lead. Anyway, it was bright sunshine and we enjoyed it; only the wind was harsh and icy. As soon as we were back home the storm started full off and heavy rains, too. So we were very lucky; otherwise we would have been totally soaked. In some places near it snowed last night, but it did not stay....have a nice time!!!

Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

~.♥.~ Susie and me ~.♥.~

This is MY Susie! Isn't she a cutie? Above is a mug mum found on Etsy; seems that Susie was modelling for it :)...........I also love Susie's mum a lot. She always brings nice treats!

We had lots of sunshine today, but it was also very cold. We had frost last night! I don't mind. I am never cold!

Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

* Something you should read *

This is not me, but this doggy looks like me! Dogs in Iraq look like this....
these are Dave and George....

This is me! Quite alike, eh?
Mum copied something you should read! Please move over to her blog at! Have a fantastic weekend!

Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

A warm Day!

Today was a lovely warm late summer day! We have been busy! That means, actually mum was busy: she took the chance and washed my bed, Hexe's bed, our carpets (Hexe and I love them, so they became hairy and a bit dirty, too...) and many other things that needed to be cleaned. All doors and windows are open and that is just lovely. Probably this was the last fine day as for tomorrow we expect finally real Fall with nasty weather, the weatherman said!
As you can see, mum was busy in another way and started off with christmassy decos, too! Can you see me?

Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

♥ The Last Day of Summer ♥

Today is the officially last day of Summer 2010! Can you believe it how fast time runs? The passed few days it was nasty stormy and rainy outside, but today it is really late summer - beautiful! Sunny, but not too warm! Mum and I we both love that and so we made a long walkie after we have been to the market and I got a pound of tripe. On our ways we see many people in the forests looking for mushrooms. But of course they never take toadstools; see this lovely big one next to me. It is said, where toadstools grow, Boletus are never far.
We don't go out for picking mushrooms as mum don't knows anything about which one is toxic and which one is eatable...

♥.♥.♥.♥ ♥.♥.♥.♥

Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

.♥⊱╮ Around and around .♥⊱╮

This is James! He can purr as a cat and is very friendly. He has hardly a nose and his breathing is difficult, his teeth are crisscross and he is 7 years old! He is very special.... .⊱╮

Mum and I have just been around the lake. We were followed by the terrier gang. They belong to the restaurant on one side of the lake, but they also stay at the kiosk on the other side. So they followed us all the way. They are 4, but only 3 came along. One was constantly barking, but they are very nice and funny! I like Terriers, all kinds.... .⊱╮

Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

I Love You...

This is me this morning! I met my Susie early today and now I can take a little nap and be a real happy dog - it started to rain anyway...

My Susie!!!

Dienstag, 3. August 2010

# 110 - already!

Again it has been a bit quiet inhere, but the heat recently made us very lazy! Now it is already my 110. post and I hope you still like to follow! Sunday I visited Dad and I was very happy! He is doing really fine and his fur is back, at least on his head; some are black and some are white - he looks like Leo now, my pepper-and-salt Schnauzer buddy...
Mum was invited to Berlin and I should be in a pet hotel for a few days. I went crazy! I didn't allow anybody to touch the end mum and I drove home again and I was happy. Mum said, next time I will come with her to Berlin again. She knows that I like it there. Sometimes big cities are very intresting with all these tons of new smells....

Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

• Some like it Hot •

This small Lab Pup likes to soak up some warmth...

...but not me! After a good run in doggy park I wanted to stay in this hole. Later I found this huge cave that some other doggy has digged. It is nice and cool inthere. Mum said it is like the homes of the Opal Miners in Australia! I can stand and turn in this cave; some dogs are really masterdiggers...

This tiny Teckel loves it hot - can't believe it - we have again about 100°F today! But isn't she cute?

Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

~ I saved lives ~

This evening mum and I wanted to do a small walkie around the lake before watching the game Denmark vs. Japan! Here you see me waiting on the stairs for mum to get ready. We had a nice walk in bright summer weather and when we came back to the parking lot we heard some desperate peeps. Mum looked around, I looked around and detected some very small baby mallards, only a few days old, in a gully, sort of large sink drain. It was not deep and nice and cozy inthere, like in a nest, but still too deep for the small ones to get out again. One was even fallen out of that and into the drain already. Probably they had also made a walkie with their mum and all chicks fell into the gully, all 5! It was hard to open the gully and mum needed help of some other people, they were finally lucky and had all babies out, at least we hope that those were all. Nearby is the small river and a pond with lots of mallards resting; the babies were carried over to them and they immediately found their mum and rushed with her into the water. Now I hope that the muskrats are not going to catch and eat them after they survived this adventure that ended lucky. I know they are around as I can smell them and mum has seen some, too.
Unfortunately mum had no camera to do a snap of the cuties, photo above though looks exactly like them....hope that they become large, sturdy, beautiful mallards! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010

•★•★ Still Alive •★

Oh, I know, there has been a long silence, but we have been so busy and each evening mum just crashed into bed without wanting to blog for me! We had some very nice days in the meantime; mum said all work she had to do and all things she had to arrange went just fine - and she was really happy about that. Inbetween all this work we made long walks and have been to the big dog run again, too. There I made many new friends; Bubi was my favourite. He once was on the dangerous dogs list, but ever since he has a new dad, all is fine again. By the way, his name means: cute little lad!
I also visit dad about 1 or 2 times per week. He is back to work still and tries to ignore his cancer as good as possible. He is very active and feels quite good. Also his fur is growing again. Now we all hope that the next CT will turn out fine, too; that will be on July 5 - wish us luck!
By the way, mum is on Facebook now - she don't understands how it really works yet........urgh!

Freitag, 4. Juni 2010

♥ RIP Fritz - Run Free ♥

I did not leave you -
I am just a little further ahead on the way....
9.1.1996 - 4.6.2007
Fritz was the doggy before me; I know mum still misses, too!

Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

Third ♥ Barkday

Yes, today is the day! It is my third Barkday....and Hexe turned 5 years! Even my human auntie has her birthday many things to celebrate! Mum got me some green tripe. She drove extra all the way to the petshop, to the big one in the next city. We have a pet- and greenshop across the street, but they don't sell it. I am not a good eater; mum got me moose meat from Sweden and - I ignored it! She was furious; can you imagine!!!? Now mum hopes that I will take the tripe as this is usually my fave dinner........unfortunately dad had sudden pain in his jaw and even an op was necessary. He feels quite good in general and chemo will be off untill July, but this jaw and teeth infection does not come convenient. I hope so much he will be better again asap!
Above you see my official barkday photo: mum shot it while we inspected the blueberries in the fen (they are not ripe yet; it was too cold) and see all the lovely cottongrass behind me!!!

Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Grief •⊱✿╮•⊱♥╮•

We were ever so sad to read about Maxdog's crossing this morning! Rest in Peace, dear friend, and Run Free! Mum said that Fritz expected you, dear Max, and will guide you around and when you all go out tonite look up to the sky and a new star will shine so bright.....
I went Away
Just a Little Step
And not Really Far
And when You get there
where I am now
You will ask Yourself:
Why did I cry....

We placed some fresh Lilacs and Cottongrass and will light a candle on our memoryboard to let you know: we are thinking of you!

Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

✿⊱✿⊱Happy Pentecost✿⊱✿⊱

Today mum and I visited dad! Yesterday and today was nice, warm and sunny weather, so we sat on the balcony to enjoy it. As dad lost all his fur because of his chemo, he has to wear a cloth on his head; he is not allowed to have too much sun! Tomorrow I will visit him again, although we expect bad weather. It will be another free day as we celebrate Pentecost here and this means: holidays!!!!

This is me right now: relaxing on my fave cushion! Untill more adventures tomorrow....

Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Post 100 and a new Blog!

This is already post 100! Woffsen - how time goes by......may I introduce a new blog to you that mum created to bring in some money for those in need, It is! Be the first one to visit! It is in German, but you will get the meaning; if you have questions, just give her a mail.
As you can see on my pic, all is blooming, but our May is gray! Still a nasty wind blowing and it is hardly more then +10°C. It should be twice as much these days in fabulous May...gosh!
blume-0274.gif von Download & Grußkartenversand

Freitag, 14. Mai 2010

✿⊱╮♥⊱╮✿⊱╮ Oh, Happy Day

Today I am wishing you all a very nice weekend from in front of the now blooming colza fields. Our area is famous for them. If weather would be better, they would be much more yellow and much more blossoms would appear. As I stood by this field, I could hear the humming of millions of bees visiting the blossoms. Colza Honey is very popular here....but is is still sooooo cold here, the coldest May ever, I think. We are having the socalled Ice Saints! Who are they?
In German-speaking countries: according to popular belief a period in May with increased likelihood of night frost falling on the feast days of certain saints thus jointly nicknamed 'Frost Saints'

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

~ ♥ ~ It's been long ~ ♥ ~

I know it's been ages since mum made a new post for my blog; my paws are too big, otherwise I would write myself.....see what happend: dear Maxmom and Maxdog wrote us a postcard from Johannesburg! (I have no idea where this is, but mum said it's very far away in Africa; they have Fall there now, but they have the same time as we)! Mum was very delighted and happy and she always tells me that Maxdog is very sick and that she is glad that he is still doing quite fine and that he remembers her so much of Fritz, the doggy before me...we thank Maxmom very much for writing to us! I will treasure this pretty card and think of you all while I will be watching the soccer WM soon that is held in South Africa, too!!!! My dad got his CT result yesterday and the doc was glad to tell him that his cancer stopped growing. He is doing very well and is back to work now! All his fur is almost gone and he is often tired and pale, but he is doing real good.

I got some more things: Dear Ina of Alaska sent me this photo with an Alaskan car sign showing my name! Isn't that funny and lovely of her?!!! Thanx so much sweet Ina - I send my tailwags to the pack, too!

Mum has a lot of doggy and kitty stuff she sells. This beautiful collar was one of the pieces. It is full leather and handmade and mum decided that I should have it for my upcoming birthday, I tried it and it fits me perfect. So I have a real grown-dog-collar now. I will turn 3 years soon! Tomorrow is an off day here and we will have a relaxing day; only the weather could be better as it is all dark and rainy and windy and cold; not very much like May - all the trees and flowers are blooming though..... ~ ~

Freitag, 30. April 2010

❀ Happy May Day Everybuddy ❀

We are wishing you all a very Happy May Day - it is an off day here, the sun shines and I hope to go for a long walkie today....~

Donnerstag, 29. April 2010

•✿⊱╮ My Susie came for a Visit •✿⊱╮

Today my Susie surprised me with a visit! We played, ate and drank together; that was fun! Susie is even allowed to bite my ears! Today was also the first warm summer day here - we have to get used to it - winter is still in our bones!