Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

~ I saved lives ~

This evening mum and I wanted to do a small walkie around the lake before watching the game Denmark vs. Japan! Here you see me waiting on the stairs for mum to get ready. We had a nice walk in bright summer weather and when we came back to the parking lot we heard some desperate peeps. Mum looked around, I looked around and detected some very small baby mallards, only a few days old, in a gully, sort of large sink drain. It was not deep and nice and cozy inthere, like in a nest, but still too deep for the small ones to get out again. One was even fallen out of that and into the drain already. Probably they had also made a walkie with their mum and all chicks fell into the gully, all 5! It was hard to open the gully and mum needed help of some other people, they were finally lucky and had all babies out, at least we hope that those were all. Nearby is the small river and a pond with lots of mallards resting; the babies were carried over to them and they immediately found their mum and rushed with her into the water. Now I hope that the muskrats are not going to catch and eat them after they survived this adventure that ended lucky. I know they are around as I can smell them and mum has seen some, too.
Unfortunately mum had no camera to do a snap of the cuties, photo above though looks exactly like them....hope that they become large, sturdy, beautiful mallards! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Mittwoch, 23. Juni 2010

•★•★ Still Alive •★

Oh, I know, there has been a long silence, but we have been so busy and each evening mum just crashed into bed without wanting to blog for me! We had some very nice days in the meantime; mum said all work she had to do and all things she had to arrange went just fine - and she was really happy about that. Inbetween all this work we made long walks and have been to the big dog run again, too. There I made many new friends; Bubi was my favourite. He once was on the dangerous dogs list, but ever since he has a new dad, all is fine again. By the way, his name means: cute little lad!
I also visit dad about 1 or 2 times per week. He is back to work still and tries to ignore his cancer as good as possible. He is very active and feels quite good. Also his fur is growing again. Now we all hope that the next CT will turn out fine, too; that will be on July 5 - wish us luck!
By the way, mum is on Facebook now - she don't understands how it really works yet........urgh!

Freitag, 4. Juni 2010

♥ RIP Fritz - Run Free ♥

I did not leave you -
I am just a little further ahead on the way....
9.1.1996 - 4.6.2007
Fritz was the doggy before me; I know mum still misses, too!