Freitag, 29. Januar 2010

~ Wild Buddies ~

This is my new buddy Balou! I met him at the dog park today. We liked us from the very start and we played wild and ran a lot for an hour or so....untill we were tired. He is as large and strong as me. Mum said, he is a very beautiful Dobermann in an unusual mahagony colour!

*~ ~*

Montag, 25. Januar 2010


On our way to visit dad in hospital we made a stop at doggy park! At the same time we arrived from this side, Ole arrived from that side! He is my best buddy there, so we were very lucky and played like puppies. Ole is too fat though, but he tries to run with me. It was very cold today, about -8°C, but we didn't care. We played wild for some time, then we had to go. I was not allowed in hospital. I had to stay in the car. Dad got his stent today and he was not well, mum said....this makes me sad!

Montag, 18. Januar 2010

Sunny Day...

Today was the first sunny day in 2010, so mum and I made a long walkie! It was lovely! We met 3 Ridgebacks I could run with. Then I had to sit here while mum took photos; she is always making photos of the many ancient sites we have around. You can see the large Bronce Age Barrow in the background. She puts them into Google was quite fine today with two of his grown kids visiting him. Tomorrow he will get info about the way he will get his radiochemo; I hope the docs will start it off soon so that he will be healthy again asap....

The snow was glittering in the sun today and I like to stick my complete head into it....

When I am back home I like to relax this way.....Y õ

Sonntag, 17. Januar 2010

* Another Day *

Yesterday I met dad! It was good to see him. It was hard for him to eat. And I hope that his radiochemo will be successful and we can play again soon! We are all very worried! Hard times ahead for all of us! It snows and snows, only small flakes, but winter will not let go...we will go out for a walkie soon! Here you can see Hexe and me waiting for our dinner! Mum saw something very intresting recently, you should see this, too. õ
Have a lovely Sunday

Freitag, 15. Januar 2010

End of the Trail?

Dear Friends! Although mum and dad split up they still meet and phone, also because of me. Dad was not very kind to mum; humans are sometimes really crazy...last Tuesday dad was diagnoised with an esophaguscarcinom (cancer in his gullet); we all can't believe it. I am sad! And I heard people say when you get problems it is already quite late. He will get chemo from early next week. I will visit him tomorrow.
Here is a new pic of me after coming home from dogpark. It was a good day, although I ran around alone for some time, but I found a brandnew ball in the snow and later Ole arrived. He is a fat Berner-Podenco-Border-Labby, but I made him run!!!! We had a veeeery good time. Mum forgot to take pix of us....
Wishing you all a lovely weekend; sorry, no better news today ⊱╮⊱╮⊱╮

Sonntag, 10. Januar 2010

With Susie in the Snow...

Today something beautiful happend! Susie and her mum came to my door and we had a good play in the snow. It was just lovely to see her again and I think she was happy to see me again, too. She kept on hugging me! We both love the snow; it snowed all day...
Y õ

Samstag, 9. Januar 2010


This is me on the roofgarden waiting for the announced storm to arrive! Mum and I went for a walk round the lake this afternoon. We never thought we would meet anybody in this nasty weather, but we did. Many doggies and quite a few I could run with! And quite a few people taking a walk as if weather was the best ever...sometimes really strange things happen....I don't mind the storm; it is full upon us now. We have just been out for a last walkie. You can see our local time on this storm display! The entire country was hit by the storm called Daisy! I think tomorrow morning we will have a snow bank in front of the door...

This photo shows the poor mallards on our lake and in the background is the castle....wofff!

Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2010

* Very Cold Day *

Hei Buddies, this is me in my favourite corner and this is the way a satisfied dog looks like.... it is a real winter we experiencing this time. Now it is below -10°C, but the sun shines and we will go for a walkie soon. It is hard to drive as it is very icy on the roads. Probbly this is the calm before the storm as for the days to come we expect loads of snow nd storm.....mum feeds the birds from our roof garden sure they love all the goodies she presents. We have many chickadees, sparrows, lovely bullfinches, blackbirds and pigeons and......licks and tailwags from Gizmo!


Sonntag, 3. Januar 2010

..:: A New Year::..

Dear Bloggy Friends, I hope that you will all have a fantastic New Year 2010! I was quite desperate from all the fireworks around.....but now I am feeling much better again! I would like to show this beautiful cat to you all!!! Isn't she or he lovely? There are at least two such pretty cats living with our local airbrush artist. They are not afraid of me! Mum made this photos some days ago, still last year. The cats love to be in the display of many lovely artefacts in the window! Hope you are all well and keep on blogging in 2010!!! Tailwags from Gizmo!