Montag, 28. September 2009

~ Toadstools ~

There has been a long silence! Mum was not well and I could not force her to write and as my paws are too big...I had to wait! We had a lovely weekend weatherwise and now on Monday it is all gray and nasty. We strolled the forests and as you can see hundreds of toadstools are out. Mum thinks they are pretty. She even made Toadstool Boxes that you can admire in her blog at! I don't understand this hype! As you can see I am not amused to sit in the middle of all this mushrooms......have a nice new week, furries!

Sonntag, 20. September 2009

☀ Sun Weekend

Just let mum know that it is time for a new post; it's been some days since the last, but we have been busy and weekend had so great weather that we had to go out a lot before the dark days start. Above you can see me waiting to go out again and yesterday mum made this small video (you can hear Balou barking with his funny voice in the background) when we came home from a long walk and I just felt good with my belly full with fresh green tripe....have a nice new week, furries!

Dienstag, 15. September 2009

♥ Susie and Me ♥

This morning I finally met Susie again!!!!! Her mum was in hospital, so we could not meet. We were ever so happy to see us again; we look really wild with open fangs, like sharks mum said, but we were just glad...

** **

Montag, 14. September 2009

Busy Day!

Today mum had lots to do! While we were in Hamburg we made a walk in the forest, yes, near the airport there is quite a big forest and there is also a big herd game living there - secured, fenced in. I have never seen those game before. The game we have here in the wilder forests out of town don't have so big antlers.
Mum likes art! So I had to watch some, too. We dogs rather like to sniff at the sculptures; they are ideal marking posts.

Finally we had Hexe to the vet. She was not amused. Fortunately she likes to drive in the car. She has much too dry skin, no fleas or other stuff in her coat. All this scratching caused an allergic reaction. She had an injection that should ease her skin and tomorrow mum shall buy her Silicea and continue the medication homäopathic. So she shall have relief real soon!

Sonntag, 13. September 2009

~*♥*~ Hexe and Me ~*♥*~

Here you can see me at the beach! I love to run there.....


This is my cat Hexe av Skien! As you may know, she is from Norway! She has very dry skin and tomorrow, mum said, we have to see the vet with her. Although it is not visible she has spots all over her back; she is constantly scratching herself. We have maaaaany nice and good vets in town, so I hope that one can help her...

Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

The greatness of a nation

and its moral progress

can be judged by the way its animals are treated!

M. Ghandi

Mittwoch, 9. September 2009

Lovely Yesterday!

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I visited Bosse and we played wild. He is my very best buddy and I would kill to protect him. We had the entire backyard to play while our mums sat on the veranda. I am confused as I am not used to closed doors. Can you see how Bosse admires me?
TextfarbeThis is Fred, Bosse's cat!

Bosse was flat on the ground when we left....Y wish every day could be like yesterday...

Montag, 7. September 2009

♥ Have a nice, new Week ♥

Hei Furries out there! I hope you had a fantastic weekend, mine was ok, although we had ever so much rain and sometimes it was impossible to go out! Here you can see me watching the mallards on the lake; I like to do that...

When we are in the forest we now see those big spiders everywhere weaving their large nets. They will even get bigger untill late October. The webs get sometimes in mum's and my face and this is sticky and not very nice. This spider though protects a home and is really pretty and useful....Love to all of you!

Sonntag, 6. September 2009

> Exhibition with Me <

Andy Warhol had my face to make several pictures!!! Can you believe it?
I am just kidding; you can all have your face at an art exhibition, just let your mum or dad get into and be famous....not much going on here today, it's just a little boring, gray and windy Sunday. Mum and I have been out to the several garage sales that are in our area today. I met Scotty, but we were not allowed to play as we would have probably destroyed the entire booth of his family...mum bought several old, pretty glass plates and animals, old books and we could have even bought an entire house. I would have liked that, but mum don't want it...have a lovely Sunday!

Samstag, 5. September 2009

Stormy Day ~

Yesterday and today were nasty strom-and-rain-days, but I was fortunate and met Leo at the parking lot of our local swimming pool, so we had a little game! It was fun as usual when I meet him; he is definitely a great buddy! Mum tried to make a snap of us, but we were always in action, so its only artlike motionpix of us today.... the only thing that was bright and stood still was this sunflower.....

Donnerstag, 3. September 2009

Rainy Day Post °°°°°°

This is a damn boring day: it rains heavy outside and not much going on yet! I wonder if we can go out at all later. I am happy that I had an early-morning-play with Mandy and Susie, so it is ok for me and I take a little nap. We have to get used to rainy weather again now!
See what mum made for me! Isn't that special - ordered a guy to spray my face on a wall....

Dienstag, 1. September 2009

Fall Arrived ~❃~ ~❃~

Yesterday was still a warm Summerday and today it suddenly smells of Fall, a little foggy in the morning, the crows scream and fruits are ripe and rich everywhere. I also eat a lot! What is unusual to me as I am not a good eater normally, but probably instinct tells me that we will get a hard winter and I have to put on some extra pounds...mum and I have been in the Blueberries again and you can see I had my share; my legs and feet are spotted with violet deco. The berries have a very intensive colour now and they are overripe. Soon they will be gone...~~ you can also see all the leaves that are around my feet already ...~~
This is Molly and me. She lives a little further down the road on a farm with her biological mum! She is very cute. Mum is into arts and always tries something new, so she made this photo look a little different. Hope you like it?! Nothing special though, but I think we look cool....
have a nice day!

* Rasmus *

This is my new buddy Rasmus! We met already before, but then he was with his girlfriend Amy, who I thought is my girlfriend, so we were quite in a macho competition although we liked one another. I wanted to protect Amy as my Kangal heritage tells me, but I kinda liked to play with Rasmus either, so I was in quite a though we had a good run and played rough boy games; that was a lot of fun. It was very hot and sultry, but we didn't mind, we just had fun!
Rasmus is a Münsterländer of 2 years, who will do his hunting exams in about two weeks.