Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010

~ In the Sandpit ~

Today mum and I were lucky! It was the first time since long that we have been at the large sandpit again. One side is working area and the other is for recreation, with a forest and even a beach. Here you see me at the sorta beach. It is not allowed anymore for doggies to run free; I would have so much love to.....tried to persuade mum, but she did not leave me off the lead. Anyway, it was bright sunshine and we enjoyed it; only the wind was harsh and icy. As soon as we were back home the storm started full off and heavy rains, too. So we were very lucky; otherwise we would have been totally soaked. In some places near it snowed last night, but it did not stay....have a nice time!!!

Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010

~.♥.~ Susie and me ~.♥.~

This is MY Susie! Isn't she a cutie? Above is a mug mum found on Etsy; seems that Susie was modelling for it :)...........I also love Susie's mum a lot. She always brings nice treats!

We had lots of sunshine today, but it was also very cold. We had frost last night! I don't mind. I am never cold!

Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

* Something you should read *

This is not me, but this doggy looks like me! Dogs in Iraq look like this....
these are Dave and George....

This is me! Quite alike, eh?
Mum copied something you should read! Please move over to her blog at! Have a fantastic weekend!