Mittwoch, 31. März 2010

A bit of Spring...

Mum had lots to do recently! Last Sunday she had to work on a Spring Market. It was beautiful there, but weather was very bad, so not that much to do. When we arrived this tom greeted us. Mum was all oooh and aahhh, she petted him and even carried him around. His name is Carlo and he lives in this manor. The other funny guys were visitors with their humans....

Yesterday weather was better, a little sun, but cool breeze. In the forest we saw lots of toads maling. I sniffed at some. Mum said the guys are smaller then the girls. Sometimes the girls have to suffer as there are often quite a few obstinate suitors hanging on her back and almost strangle her... it is definitely Spring here now!

I am flat today! Mum discovered accidently a dog run in another forest, which is twice as large as the one we usually go to and it is not too far away from home. I met maaaany new friends and had a good run! Also I met Susie twice today. So you probably can imagine how torn I am tonite?! But I feel so good....

Donnerstag, 25. März 2010

~ Olly ~

Finally Spring here.... so lovely! First flowers are out and it was 22°C today!

Olly 1989 - 23.3.07!
Just a little cat! Mum thanks her for the Love she gave in almost 20 years that they could spend together....I never met Olly though; I was born two months after her crossing...

It is now almost 3 years ago that mum helped her to cross the Rainbow Bridge when her little body was torn and weak, but after having a happy long lifetime. It took her only about a minute to cross and it was a relief for her.
After being an indoor cat, she started travelling in the high age of 16. Travelling on and off the long way to Norway. In Norway she made small tours around the house, enjoyed napping in front of the fireplace and enjoyed life in general... RIP

Samstag, 20. März 2010

● Duffy needs a Home ●

Duffy is 14 weeks old and also an Anatolian Mix and a resued dog of a young Turkish family here in town! As a puppy should be Duffy is very vivid and healthy. If you know somebody who could give him a steady home in northern Germany somewhere, just mail to Thanking you! Woffsen....

Donnerstag, 18. März 2010


Mum still follows the Iditarod, although Lance won already and again! She is crazy about it and she wants to go there next year and leave me alone at home....this guy above we met in front of the post office. He was so tall; taller then me! His dad said he is not a pure bred Husky, but has a little Berner, too, although not visible eycept for his size. He was very friendly and fell around mum's neck; he was as tall as her. I was in the car and was furious...........

Here you can see mum preparing the sled! This was not in Alaska, but in Norway! It was -30°C mum said and I can't believe it. It was very cold here last winter, but not that cold.....this was also a long time ago, long before I was born!

Spring is here since yesterday! Dad was back in hospital yesterday and so he is today, so mum and I were off to do some field work! It was good to be back in the warming sun! We stopped here and made a walkie! This is not a beach, but inland dunes. I look a little odd as I wanted to run and run and run; in this area running is perfect, but I was just allowed when we met some other dogs; otherwise there was too much game around.....urgh! Woffsen!!

Sonntag, 14. März 2010

Northwards to Alaska * * *

Winter is slowly fading away here! We had some sun this passed week and snow melted away; today it is all gray and nasty again. Not worth to show pix of this day...but I hope that you all have a perfect Sunday!?

Mum follows the Iditarod in Alaska via webcam and online in general! She is crazy, says that Huskies are the most beautiful dogs and that she badly wants to go there - and what about me?!!? Am I not pretty? She has been so often over in America, but never made it to the very North! But not all is lovely, great and beautiful in Alaska. One blog mum follows there placed the iron trapped lynx and was proud of it! Mum wrote this comment:
If you want a kitty why don't you just shoot one? Iron trapping is history and not necessary nowadays; it is pure torture to a mammal. A beautiful animal suffers for trivial items to be made out of its fur...!
Always loved your blog and read it, but this is sort of heartbreaking!
I slowly start loosing my winter coat now. You can see above how slim I am, but I indeed have a heavy white thick layer of undercoat. I was never cold this long and hard winter...