Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2009

Happy New Year!

Dear Bloggy Doggies, I am wishing you all a lovely New Year and always a dish full with goodies, a nice place to run and most of all that you have a save and loving home for always! Stay pic of me today; I am afraid of the fireworks this time, urgh! I better hide...


Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009

* Snow at Doggy Park *

After we have been shopping at the Pet Shop where mum bought lots of stuff for Christmas for Hexe and me, we drove to Doggy Park in the forest and I was lucky enough to meet some good friends: Sparky and Dana and their puppy, a 4 months old German Shepherd. We had a good run and ignored this gloomy, dark day! Dear Furries, I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Samstag, 19. Dezember 2009

☆ Frosty Post ☆

Mum is still exhibiting here!!! We have more snow now and it is -12°C!!!

We met these 3 cuties....

This is me before the snow started, but see the pretty hoarfrost ☆☆☆

Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2009

At the Dog Park!

Hello efurribuddy! Today mum and I have been to Doggy Park. On this pix you can see how lovely and big it is! So far the snow passed us by, but it was very cold. Every place around it snowed a lot! I hope we will get a little here, too, as I love snow - like almost all dogs! Instead I met a new girlfriend: Jule. She loves to run just like me and we also did a little digging. Jule looks a bit like a Spanish Podenco, but she is smaller. She is also a rescued dog! Jule is only 9 months of age! I hope I will meet her again!!!

Mittwoch, 16. Dezember 2009

* Sunny, Icy Day *

Today was a lovely sunny, but icecold day and although mum has loads to do, we made a long walk. When we drove back home, this guy was in our way again! He wouldn't move, so we had to drive around him. Mum said, he is cool....and what am I?!!!
No pic of me today! Here is Hexe in the sun on her outlook. Isn't she lovely?
Ok furries, some tailwags from me, untill next time.... YYYY

Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2009

~★~ Tour du Foret ~★~

Hello doggies and 2-leggers! Mum and I have been in the forest today after our car was off to a small repair (yes, already....remember, we have a new (old) car only since a few days). Mum was annoyed, but all went well and she hopes all will remain fine. I did not meet any buddies today, but we made a long walk and that was ok for me, too! The snow is gone, instead it is bone-chilling cold again!
When we drove back home we had this guy in front of the car. He lives on a horse farm in a very quiet area. He is a nice fellow and he didn't want to move. He was not aggressive, just curious....isn't he beautiful? He is as big as me!
~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Montag, 14. Dezember 2009

* Snow * * *

Hei furries! Hope you are all well? We are busy these days! Mum and I have been away working on an exhibition. It was on a beautiful manor and we will go back next weekend. Loads of new things to sniff there....

We have been here, next to the count's castle!
This morning we had some snow. Above you see me sniffing at all the bird food on our roof garden. It is always frosty here now. I wish it would snow a bit more as I love it; guess all doggies love snow?!!!!

Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009

~*♥*~ Game and Game ~*♥*~

This is not Susie, but another lovely LabLady of only 18 months I had a good run with. I showed her how fast I am... and we also saw this Tipi on a walk; I know them from Norway, there the people call them Lavvo!

I know, I know....I am very late with posting, but time just flyes by and mum works a lot. I have to be patient. Here you can see me with some friends; besides I am always intrested in game tracks. Mum dislikes it, but I try to tell her that this is doglike, all doggies love to sniff after game.....don't we!??!


Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Saying...and a Squirrel for Buster!

.....and this is for Buster in NYC! ò

Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

~ Stormy Day ~

Mum had lots to do today and it was veeeeery stormy and wet. We drove around a lot and mum did her job. Inbetween we stopped at the dog park in the forest. Here you see me running around, hoping for some friends to appear, but none approached in this awful weather. We got all soaked from the heavy rain and the storm raging over us, but I could sniff around and run a little, so this was fun, too! We have been there yesterday as well and although it was also a gloomy day I met 4 friends. One had an accident, while chasing me she was slipping on the wet leaves and crashed into a trunk. She screamed and it was obviously very painful, but only for a moment.....otherwise we had a good run and it was a good day for me! On our way back home we saw this late calf being born. It was all wet and bloody standing right up in the gray, harsh weather. But it was sturdy and healthy and its mum was caring good for it! Tailwags and Licks from me...

Montag, 16. November 2009

:: Bark ::

I think this is funny: we have a village not far away called BARK! What do you think of this? In fact many dogs live here, I found out....We have some more cities around that have funny names, such as Quickborn or Wrist!
Can you trace me in our beautiful coloured forest? All furries have a nice new week! Y

Freitag, 13. November 2009

* Moose Encounter *

Recently mum was only caring fo her blog and neglected mine.....puh! But I can't type on her small laptop so I have to be patient untill she has time for me...! Did I ever tell you that when I was exactly 1 year old in May 08 and we were living still in Norway, that I had a very special meeting?! Right across the street was a beautiful path up the mountain. We often used it, so this lovely morning in May, too. I was strolling thru the bushes, smelling all this beautiful game around when I suddenly stopped. Just few Meters off the way was a large moose cow resting in the sun. She was huge! I had never seen one so close, I approached to her and we were finally nose to nose. She was very selfconfident and slowly stood up; obviously I had interrupted her beauty sleep and I was slowly going on her nervs as I was very curious to sniff more around her. Mum observed us and was happy that the moose was still without calf, otherwise this could have been very dangerous! Mum had no camera with this morning, so no pix of this encounter...sigh! Just a pic of a moose in winter to give you an idea! We had many moose around our home in Norway. Here in Germany they are all gone. Just a very, very few come over from the East now that the borders are gone, same with wolves...a young male was run over on the motorway last year.
Hope you enjoy my little story - have a lovely weekend! ~~

Dienstag, 10. November 2009

~ Gray Days ~

Mum and I go out every day, even when it is very dark, windy and wet all day. Sometimes I meet friends, sometimes not. Above you see me with this pretty girl. I don't know her name, but I sometimes meet her with her 2-legged brother. She is a very good girl, always friendly and happy. Though she dislikes it when I am too wild.
This is not a too often sight, mum told me. I don't know what this was, that we met today. This pink thing ignored us and moved slowly. I sometimes smell something similar in the woods (Wild Boars). Mum said this is a piggy! Usually they are inside, some hold sterile untill they meet the butcher...mum said also, that they are very clever and handsome, but many of them lead an awful life. Not this one, this is a happy pink pig! Y

Donnerstag, 5. November 2009

Hello again...!

It's been some time since my last post! Mum was busy and my paws are too big to write myself! We've been out in the deep forests the past few days. Two days ago we met Merlin and Katinka, two Pyrenees I like a lot. They are bigger then me, but they are gentle giants. They both have very sturdy and nice mums; we walked together for some time. I tried to tease Merlin to run with me, but he is not fast. Above you can see the two going home while we proceeded with our walk....
today weather was so bad that we didn't expect to meet somebuddies at all. Mum was without camera because of the heavy rain. Deep in the forest we met a man with two even bigger dogs: two Irish Wolfhounds. I was thrilled; they were twice my size, at least the black one. The young gray one , also a Merlin, wanted to run with me. That was fun! When we came home Susie passed by our door and we had a little game, so I had a good day...despite of all the grayness.... Y

Samstag, 24. Oktober 2009

* Hexe and Me *

It's finally time to show some more pix of Hexe and me! Y
Enjoy! And have a lovely weekend! We will go out now, see if mum's new car is ready. It's boring to only wander around town... our car broke down and now we have to do all and everything by foot. Mum said, next week we can drive to the dog park again! I hope so... I miss to stroll around and meet my friends - without being on the leash!

Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2009

* Urchin *

Yesterday in the early eve mum and I wanted to go out, but just on the side of the mainroad I discovered a baby hedgehog. Just by the way from the railway station were all the people hurried home from work. Mum almost steped on it, too. It is so small; only a few centimeters. I showed mum that it was sitting there and she took it up an brought it home. It was already very cold outside and mum made a box ready, but the little urchin escaped as it was very vivid. She found it and had it back in the box, but it was not secure there. Hedgehogs are active in the dark, so mum decided to have it in the shower tub over night. She put lots of nice things into our tub, like newspapers, leaves, a hamsterhouse, a towel and food, catfood. The tiny urchin enjoyed also some small shrimps. Mum looked into the internet as she wasn't sure how to handle those young ones. She only knows it with grown, but it is not really different. It was also written that big temp differences are not good for urchins. Our bathroom was cold all day, maybe too cold for this small one, although it was wrapped in newspapers and leaves...
This evening we finally got a place for it in an urchin shelter and the lady said that its condition is not good. She had it in a warming bed and mum was surprised - and sad! If I had not noticed it, it would have died last night out as it was very frosty. And now the little one may die anyway, although it was at home with us. Mum wanted to do all things right for it and maybe all was in vain......urchins are protected animals overhere. Babies with a weight above 100 gr. normally survive easy outside, but it was very frosty last night, very early this Fall. Our hedgehog had only 125 gr. ! Mum constantly thinks of it and is sad, but she would never had the idea to put it in a very warm place as it is a wild animal - I saved this little life and mum maybe spoiled it all. I don't think she will sleep good this night! Hedgehogs get run over on the roads by millions here; that's why they are protected...
this photo of my little friend is not very good, but please have a look at it and think of it! Y
Tailwags from

Montag, 12. Oktober 2009

2 Hours Walk Today!

Today mum and I made a long walk! Here you see me sniffing who has been here!
Here the forrester has his raised hide where he can observe game!

This is me again checking my racetrack, ruined by wild boars! It was nice weather today, but coooold wind. Mum had to use a hat!

Freitag, 9. Oktober 2009

Cross Mum +

My mum was very cross with me the passed days; she even called me mean and I had to stay on the leash all the time. Reason is I am protective when I play with my loved ones, like Susie! I found a little boy of about 8 or 9 too close and therefore dangerous and I raged onto him, chased him over the railtracks and made him very frightened. I am not very fond of kids anyway; they often tease and hoax me...
Mum is not doing too good still, so we often went the quiet paths in the forest, like above, a very enchanting way, although the trees were once planted as they all grow in a row at most places. Still it was wild somehow and mum enjoyed this walk a lot.
The past two days we met the Beardy and Briard Gang! That was fun! I know them since I was small. They are not all on this pic, there are a few more... have a nice weekend!
Y Love from Gizmo

Montag, 28. September 2009

~ Toadstools ~

There has been a long silence! Mum was not well and I could not force her to write and as my paws are too big...I had to wait! We had a lovely weekend weatherwise and now on Monday it is all gray and nasty. We strolled the forests and as you can see hundreds of toadstools are out. Mum thinks they are pretty. She even made Toadstool Boxes that you can admire in her blog at! I don't understand this hype! As you can see I am not amused to sit in the middle of all this mushrooms......have a nice new week, furries!

Sonntag, 20. September 2009

☀ Sun Weekend

Just let mum know that it is time for a new post; it's been some days since the last, but we have been busy and weekend had so great weather that we had to go out a lot before the dark days start. Above you can see me waiting to go out again and yesterday mum made this small video (you can hear Balou barking with his funny voice in the background) when we came home from a long walk and I just felt good with my belly full with fresh green tripe....have a nice new week, furries!

Dienstag, 15. September 2009

♥ Susie and Me ♥

This morning I finally met Susie again!!!!! Her mum was in hospital, so we could not meet. We were ever so happy to see us again; we look really wild with open fangs, like sharks mum said, but we were just glad...

** **