Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

A warm Day!

Today was a lovely warm late summer day! We have been busy! That means, actually mum was busy: she took the chance and washed my bed, Hexe's bed, our carpets (Hexe and I love them, so they became hairy and a bit dirty, too...) and many other things that needed to be cleaned. All doors and windows are open and that is just lovely. Probably this was the last fine day as for tomorrow we expect finally real Fall with nasty weather, the weatherman said!
As you can see, mum was busy in another way and started off with christmassy decos, too! Can you see me?

Mittwoch, 22. September 2010

♥ The Last Day of Summer ♥

Today is the officially last day of Summer 2010! Can you believe it how fast time runs? The passed few days it was nasty stormy and rainy outside, but today it is really late summer - beautiful! Sunny, but not too warm! Mum and I we both love that and so we made a long walkie after we have been to the market and I got a pound of tripe. On our ways we see many people in the forests looking for mushrooms. But of course they never take toadstools; see this lovely big one next to me. It is said, where toadstools grow, Boletus are never far.
We don't go out for picking mushrooms as mum don't knows anything about which one is toxic and which one is eatable...

♥.♥.♥.♥ ♥.♥.♥.♥

Donnerstag, 9. September 2010

.♥⊱╮ Around and around .♥⊱╮

This is James! He can purr as a cat and is very friendly. He has hardly a nose and his breathing is difficult, his teeth are crisscross and he is 7 years old! He is very special.... .⊱╮

Mum and I have just been around the lake. We were followed by the terrier gang. They belong to the restaurant on one side of the lake, but they also stay at the kiosk on the other side. So they followed us all the way. They are 4, but only 3 came along. One was constantly barking, but they are very nice and funny! I like Terriers, all kinds.... .⊱╮