Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

~ ♥ ~ Mum's Favourite ~ ♥ ~

This is a neighbour's cat; he is very huge and black. Mum said, he reminds her of Erwin, the cat of her parents. Erwin was run over by a car in a very high age and is still missed badly...
This is me in the age of about 4 months; it smelled so good and was so nice and warm in mum's bed....I always tried to climb in again....Mum was not really I not sweet?!! ~ ~

This is mum's fave pic of me!!!! ...and of Hexe, my cat!!! ~ ~

Ooooh well, the pic from yesterday with all the toy animals, yes, I will never get one of those. They were expensive and for collectors. Some look like real pets, but they smell not like real I met Susie again and some other Lab Lady. Most of the day it was very stormy, but we were lucky and did not get wet, although it was not sunny all day. We also went picking blueberries again....that was my day! Woffs untill tomorrow!!! Y

Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2009

To run and have Fun...!

Isn't this funny? Yesterday we saw a large booth on the market selling toy animals; they were all so cute...I would have liked a puppy, but mum said they are too expensive...sigh!!! Y
This is me in full beauty waiting on the stairs; am I not a pretty lad?!!?
And here is a video of my Susie and me - enjoy!!! Y

Dienstag, 28. Juli 2009

๑۩ A New Love ۩๑

Textfarbe Yesterday was a good day: in the forest I met these pretty Husky Ladies. Mum loves Huskies a lot, so she talked to their dad. They came right from the ferry from Norway and made a stop here in the forest before they wanted to drive back home. They were 4 altogether...all old ladies over 13 years, but fit. Unfortunately they could not be off the leash.... Y
And in the evening I met HER: Susie YYY!!!! She is a new kid in town and she is even wilder then me, I was thrilled...

TextfarbeThat's Love YYY!!!!

Sonntag, 26. Juli 2009

Remembering Norway ~

Do I make you jealous with photos like this? Well, you don't have to envy me as those happy times are over, but I just want to show you where I had my second home as it is really beautiful there... this was me in a waterfall in May, lots of water still from the snowmelt; do you see the rainbow over me?!!!

This is me in front of my home! I miss it! I have even been nose to nose with a laaaarge moose cow here. We sniffed at one another and then she went away. Mum said I can be lucky that she was without calf - I don't know why....

This was my favourite place - at the beach. Isn't it pretty?!!!! We had our own beach!!!
But ever since mum and dad split, this is history and I don't know when I will ever be back here...

In May the snakes come out after winter's sleep! They like to be on the road to warm up in the sun and some get run over. Mum takes them off the road although they can bite and harm you. They are called Huggorm and are the most northern Viper. The younger they are the more poison do they have. I always had to watch them when I roamed the forest!
Wishing you all a lovely Sunday now!

Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2009

.:: Running Around ::.

I don't know where all the dogs are when weather is so bad?! We always go for a walk and we have been fortunate today; as soon as we were back home it turned even worser then it was before. It is not possible to go out now, you will be soaked completely the very moment you step out the door...well, met no friends today, just a girl on her horse. We have been down at the creek and you can see how beautiful it is there. I can run and run for no reason, just for the joy of running....and so I did....
I tried many ways - that was fun!!!! YYY

Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2009

Shopping and Goodies...

Today you can see some of my crazy friends from the dog park in the forest!
Above is me with a new friend. Today we could not go to the dog park. Weather is so bad. Mum says you take take your shampoo and have the shower outside. It is very sultry and sticky, like in a hothouse. Mum feels lazy and me, too, what is seldom enough...
In our area are new signs with tick warnings!!! Yes, I already had quite a few. Usually mum finds them when they are still loose running thru my coat... those little spiders are a pest!!!

After we have been to the market, we went to the very big pet shop! They have everything! Even goodies from Australia - Kangaroooo!!! Next to rumen from the market I got Ostrich and Reindeer. I know Reindeer, but I have never eaten this big bird. Will tell you later how it tasts. We also bought some food for Hexe, my cat!

Here are some more dog park friends - all are rescued dogs! Aren't they special? Y

Dienstag, 21. Juli 2009

•~♥~• Special Food •~♥~•

This is my sadest doggy look! Poor me - have to wait 5 minutes for mum being finally ready for a walk ~~
And this was my food today: USA Edition Turkey and Pumpkin, yum! I get different food every day. Mum says that the 2-leggers like to eat different meals every day and that 4-leggers should do the same.....tomorrow we will go the market and buy something fresh, probably green rumen which I love, although I am not the best eater ...

Montag, 20. Juli 2009

✿✿ Dogpark Today ✿✿

We have been out a lot today, although weather was very stormy and we had very heavy showers that soaked us to the bones. In the afternoon we decided to drive to the dogpark in the forest; the trees are high there and protect us from the bad weather situation and finally the sun came out a bit......but nobuddy to play with! So I digged some holes......
....and there are many, many twigs to chew on and to take up and run around with; I also retrieve a bit - if I want to.....

....we also saw this mushrooms looking like corals on an old tree!

Freitag, 17. Juli 2009

~ Stormy Friday ~

Today was a strange day! It was a boring day in the beginning as we had a storm warning here and in fact it was dark and rainy and sticky and we all had quite a bad mood. We drove to the next city and did some shopping. That was boring for me, too. When we drove home it really started to rain very heavy and there was an awful thunderstorm just over us. But it didn't last that long. We were lucky and soon the sun came out again, but it remained sultry. It was not fun just walking around. Mum ended up in the blueberries again as she likes them a lot. We found accidently a place in the fen in a hidden area with really delicious berries. They are rare here, but I know them from Norway. There the entire forests, and this country is covered with forest everywhere, have a carpet of blueberries. So we were very happy to have found some here as well! As you can see above I like to pick them, too. Mum is really mad about them. I was patient and kept on picking a few for myself. Later we crossed the big road and started a walk along the creek so I could cool my feet. It is not deep enough for a swim. I was lucky! Cora was already there bathing with the kids. I joined in and we had soooo much fun!! I looooove to run and so we ran up and down the steep acclivities, through the water, up the other side and reverse. I strut a little as I am much faster then Cora; she has very short legs for a blonde Labby and is very sturdy, but still she did her best to catch me... wow that was FUN!!! So a boring day ended with a real highlite...
I will probably get my own fish still tonite! I want some! Sometimes I like to eat fish!!! Do you? You can click into the pool and feed them, so that they will get fat and tasty...enjoy!

Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

Dave and George...

Mum sometimes looks thru and has some photos out there herself. She came across this picture and was overwhelmed! A picture from a soldier in Iraq holding a big puppy. This is not me!!! But to me it's looking like in a mirror... you see, dogs in Iraq all look like me!!!! I don't know who is Dave and who is George, but this picable pic had this title. This doggy is probably in the same age as me and I hope that he is still ok and enjoying a good life - maybe in the army!

Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

My new Neighbour ~

This is Balou! Y He moved in next to me a few weeks ago and ever since we are best friends although he is very small and I am very tall!
Balou is about 4 years old and obviously he lived half of his life on the roads in Spain! He was already in a killing station there. Then he was lucky somehow and sent uphere. He has a good family that cares for him. He has a beautiful shiny black coat and a funny voice - he speaks Spanish and German :) Y

Montag, 13. Juli 2009

♥ Dogs Prohibited ~

Thank you, dear New Friends, for your lovely comments to the opening of my blog!!! Woff, I am happy!!! Today we wanted to go to the sandpit again! As you can see above it was always lots of fun there. I love to run up and down the sandy hills and tease the other doggies and go for a swim in the big hole the workers made and that is filled with water now. We havn't been there since winter. You can see, in the photo above there is still little snow left. Today it was not worth to take any pix; I had to go on the leash all the time. All other dogs, too. Dogs running free not allowed anymore!!!! Upset!!! Signs everywhere and control and they take money, lots of money, from the mums and dads if we run free. This is a strategy that became very common in many cities and communites recently to get an extra income....what should I say; I am sad! And whatfor do I pay tax? Yes, I pay taxes as my humans!!! Did you know that dogs have to pay tax in Germany?.....
I am not the only 4-legger here at home! This is cute Hexe av Skien! She is a Norwegian Forestcat and she is an original Viking Cat. She was born in Norway! Isn't she pretty? Unfortunately she don't likes to play very wild with me... but I still love her tons...

And this is my bed! My bed is a holy place: I need it, I love it!

Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009

I came a long Way!

Welcome to my Blog! My name is Gizmo and I am sort of a Kangal! I was born on May 27, 2007 in Rendsburg in Germany, but actually I come from very far! You can see my biological mum above; she is huge and she still lived far away in direction Iraq where it is dangerous and dogs are not very welcome! She and her brother were very lucky as they reached an animal shelter in Istanbul one fine day and were finally flown out to Germany. There dogs are welcome! My mum was very young, but we were already in her belly.
See, we were all fat puppies; no runt between us Y

Like all dogs I also love snow! That's why my new mum adds some for me here!
I have now a new mum with two legs only and no fur, but she is ok and cares for me and ever since I am grown I care for her, too, and watch our home...