Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2009

At the Dog Park!

Hello efurribuddy! Today mum and I have been to Doggy Park. On this pix you can see how lovely and big it is! So far the snow passed us by, but it was very cold. Every place around it snowed a lot! I hope we will get a little here, too, as I love snow - like almost all dogs! Instead I met a new girlfriend: Jule. She loves to run just like me and we also did a little digging. Jule looks a bit like a Spanish Podenco, but she is smaller. She is also a rescued dog! Jule is only 9 months of age! I hope I will meet her again!!!


  1. WOWOWOWOOO!!!!!
    You had a wonderful day at the park!!!!
    And you have a new girfriend???!!!!
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...lucky boy!!!!
    here is very very cold too...but we didn't get snow by now!!!!
    Sigh sigh....
    And.....OMDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!What a big big hole you did!!!
    We digged one like that in our garden!!!!
    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....maybe we could dig together!!!!!
    HAve a wonderful day!!!!
    Tons of love and kisses

  2. That is quite a hole you dug. We like to dig, too, but our Dad keeps filling in our holes.

  3. Hi, Gizmo!
    Some digging?? That is a very big hole!
    Glad you had fun with your friend Jule!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. So wish my Monty could come play with you, after swimming and running like a crazed dog, digging is his next favorite past time. He also enjoys showing all the other dogs at the dog park how to jump into the water trough and dig in there to throw water at passer's by. Such the fun-loving naughty guy.

  5. Wow.. that is a most impressive hole you have at your park! You could put some sticks and leaves over it and trap something tasty for dinner! Hope you get some snow soon!