Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

• Some like it Hot •

This small Lab Pup likes to soak up some warmth...

...but not me! After a good run in doggy park I wanted to stay in this hole. Later I found this huge cave that some other doggy has digged. It is nice and cool inthere. Mum said it is like the homes of the Opal Miners in Australia! I can stand and turn in this cave; some dogs are really masterdiggers...

This tiny Teckel loves it hot - can't believe it - we have again about 100°F today! But isn't she cute?


  1. The little dog looks like Buster's friend Jasper.
    So glad you get to dig in the earth.
    Thank you for all the information about names!
    Gosh it is hot by you!
    Hot here too!