Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

Please help `♥´

 Not all pets have a good home -
this is a picture taken in Romania:
Streetdogs fenced in and they will
probably all get killed!
There is also terribly much snow and frost
in that area now!!! 
 This is me!
In my summercoat.
The trees are green and we can be outside
all day - not today though.
It is very dark and very rainy and cold.
This is a pic made in summer.
All the snow is washed away!
 I have a good home
with good food and an own bed.
 This is Hexe!
She lives with me!
Please help and get infos.
Pets in Eastern Europe lead a hard life!
Please donate via PayPal
Thanx so much!

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  1. So very nice to meet you Bea...we support our local Animal Mamon is what Darlin' calls an Activist...going to show your blog to my glaring...we will be back
    visiting from my very own blog, too...