Sonntag, 20. September 2009

☀ Sun Weekend

Just let mum know that it is time for a new post; it's been some days since the last, but we have been busy and weekend had so great weather that we had to go out a lot before the dark days start. Above you can see me waiting to go out again and yesterday mum made this small video (you can hear Balou barking with his funny voice in the background) when we came home from a long walk and I just felt good with my belly full with fresh green tripe....have a nice new week, furries!


  1. Hi, Gizmo!
    Some times there are things more important than blogging... like long walkies and nice roachings with your belly full of green tripe!
    Have a great week!
    Kisses and hugs

  2. I like your movie. I like rolling over too.
    love from Buster

    ps I have a movie too!

  3. That's a very handsome picture of you. We're enjoying the cooler weather, but we're having a lot of noisy rain.