Freitag, 13. November 2009

* Moose Encounter *

Recently mum was only caring fo her blog and neglected mine.....puh! But I can't type on her small laptop so I have to be patient untill she has time for me...! Did I ever tell you that when I was exactly 1 year old in May 08 and we were living still in Norway, that I had a very special meeting?! Right across the street was a beautiful path up the mountain. We often used it, so this lovely morning in May, too. I was strolling thru the bushes, smelling all this beautiful game around when I suddenly stopped. Just few Meters off the way was a large moose cow resting in the sun. She was huge! I had never seen one so close, I approached to her and we were finally nose to nose. She was very selfconfident and slowly stood up; obviously I had interrupted her beauty sleep and I was slowly going on her nervs as I was very curious to sniff more around her. Mum observed us and was happy that the moose was still without calf, otherwise this could have been very dangerous! Mum had no camera with this morning, so no pix of this encounter...sigh! Just a pic of a moose in winter to give you an idea! We had many moose around our home in Norway. Here in Germany they are all gone. Just a very, very few come over from the East now that the borders are gone, same with wolves...a young male was run over on the motorway last year.
Hope you enjoy my little story - have a lovely weekend! ~~


  1. Hey there
    THank you for coming to visit us at our blog and for your warm wishes. We do appreciate it! Your countryside looks stunning and we love that moose! (and the hedgehog!)

  2. Wow! A real Moose! When I saw the post title I thought my Moose had wandered off! That sounds like an awesome encounter! My Moose would have surely scared her off before we got anywhere near it... well we don't have real moose here but you get my point!
    Happy weekend!

  3. Hi, Gizmo!
    Sure it was a pawesome encounter!
    Kisses and hugs

  4. Hi there Gizmo,

    It was a rare but scary encounter with Ms. Moose you had there... did the moose smell of... moose?

    Licks, hero

  5. Great moose !

    We don't get many round here.

  6. That must have been an exciting meeting. I met a moose when we were on vacation in Wyoming. He was quite tame, but his mate was not. She kept her distance.