Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

~ Stormy Day ~

Mum had lots to do today and it was veeeeery stormy and wet. We drove around a lot and mum did her job. Inbetween we stopped at the dog park in the forest. Here you see me running around, hoping for some friends to appear, but none approached in this awful weather. We got all soaked from the heavy rain and the storm raging over us, but I could sniff around and run a little, so this was fun, too! We have been there yesterday as well and although it was also a gloomy day I met 4 friends. One had an accident, while chasing me she was slipping on the wet leaves and crashed into a trunk. She screamed and it was obviously very painful, but only for a moment.....otherwise we had a good run and it was a good day for me! On our way back home we saw this late calf being born. It was all wet and bloody standing right up in the gray, harsh weather. But it was sturdy and healthy and its mum was caring good for it! Tailwags and Licks from me...


  1. Wow! Very interesting to watch the calf be born! Lucky sighting. I hope the dog who crashed into the tree will be ok. It is so very cold here, all my pups have to be super bundled up for their walk, including booties. All week temperatures have been very frigid and icy.

  2. you had an interesting day with your mommy....
    We're sorry you didn't meet no one......wish were there and jump out from the trees and playing with you!!!!
    And...OMDDDDDDD!!!!What a scary time you had with the dog who crashed into the tree!!!!
    Poor boy!!!!Is he ok now???
    Sure you look very very beautifull in the forest!!!!!
    HAve a wonderful day!!!
    Tons of love and kisses!!!!

  3. Sounds like a good day to snuggle by the fire. I feel sorry for the poor little calf being born into such harsh weather, but I'm sure it's Mom will take good care of it.