Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

Rainy Day News ♥|♡|♥

Today we made a walk in heavy rain! The snow is slowly, very slowly melting! We met Molly and her mum (in front); they live on a farm. Molly is as old as me and has one hanging ear and one lies across her head. Molly's mum is already very old. We got soaking wet!

This is a map from last Friday as there was an earthquake at the Danish westcoast; a quite strong one. A very unusual area for earthquakes! We don't live far from that, but we didn't notice anything of it here. Nobody was hurt as far as I know, but houses were shaking. We are very often in Denmark, but we have never heard of such a big earthquake there before...

This is me and Hexe av Skien this morning; me waiting for mum to get ready for a walkie! She is always very slow.....urgh! Has to put on masses of clothes, boots etc. - I am always ready! Woffsen!


  1. I did not hear about the eartquake but glad you are ok! You look varey patient waiting for walkies! Moose wiggles in figure eights and it is hard to even get the leash on him he is so excited!

  2. This is strange.
    I just heard about the massive earthquake in Chile.
    I wonder if they are related.