Sonntag, 14. März 2010

Northwards to Alaska * * *

Winter is slowly fading away here! We had some sun this passed week and snow melted away; today it is all gray and nasty again. Not worth to show pix of this day...but I hope that you all have a perfect Sunday!?

Mum follows the Iditarod in Alaska via webcam and online in general! She is crazy, says that Huskies are the most beautiful dogs and that she badly wants to go there - and what about me?!!? Am I not pretty? She has been so often over in America, but never made it to the very North! But not all is lovely, great and beautiful in Alaska. One blog mum follows there placed the iron trapped lynx and was proud of it! Mum wrote this comment:
If you want a kitty why don't you just shoot one? Iron trapping is history and not necessary nowadays; it is pure torture to a mammal. A beautiful animal suffers for trivial items to be made out of its fur...!
Always loved your blog and read it, but this is sort of heartbreaking!
I slowly start loosing my winter coat now. You can see above how slim I am, but I indeed have a heavy white thick layer of undercoat. I was never cold this long and hard winter...


  1. That is terrible about the Lynx. Traps are so cruel.
    Your snow is still beautiful to me. And I think you are as pretty as a Husky!

    I hope your Mom makes it to Alaska someday :) We are close enough to drive there, but have never been.

    Emma Rose

  2. Hello, What a beautiful blog you have! I too find the cruel hunting and trapping of animals barbaric. If you follow the actions we take on Defenders of Wildlife you will be happy to see we do not all approve of what is happening in Alaska. By the way, I was born in Istanbul Turkey and and my parents have had several Karabaş, as we call the Anatolian Sheepdogs, but of course ours were spoiled silly and did not need rescuing! But, great to see all the good work you are doing! There are more animal lovers now in Turkey then when I was a child, but of course not enough, rescue efforts are concentrated mostly concentrated in big cities and ran privately and by volunteer vets and by women who are dedicated. (one of which is a cousin of mine) So, Nice to meet you!!!! Good luck.

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