Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

~ ♥ ~ It's been long ~ ♥ ~

I know it's been ages since mum made a new post for my blog; my paws are too big, otherwise I would write myself.....see what happend: dear Maxmom and Maxdog wrote us a postcard from Johannesburg! (I have no idea where this is, but mum said it's very far away in Africa; they have Fall there now, but they have the same time as we)! Mum was very delighted and happy and she always tells me that Maxdog is very sick and that she is glad that he is still doing quite fine and that he remembers her so much of Fritz, the doggy before me...we thank Maxmom very much for writing to us! I will treasure this pretty card and think of you all while I will be watching the soccer WM soon that is held in South Africa, too!!!! My dad got his CT result yesterday and the doc was glad to tell him that his cancer stopped growing. He is doing very well and is back to work now! All his fur is almost gone and he is often tired and pale, but he is doing real good.

I got some more things: Dear Ina of Alaska sent me this photo with an Alaskan car sign showing my name! Isn't that funny and lovely of her?!!! Thanx so much sweet Ina - I send my tailwags to the pack, too!

Mum has a lot of doggy and kitty stuff she sells. This beautiful collar was one of the pieces. It is full leather and handmade and mum decided that I should have it for my upcoming birthday, I tried it and it fits me perfect. So I have a real grown-dog-collar now. I will turn 3 years soon! Tomorrow is an off day here and we will have a relaxing day; only the weather could be better as it is all dark and rainy and windy and cold; not very much like May - all the trees and flowers are blooming though..... ~ ~


  1. Hey there Bea and Gizmo!
    I'm so glad you got the card! What fabulous news about your hubby. I hope he goes from strength to strength. This cancer thing CAN be beaten! Please send him our good wishes from South Africa.
    That collar looks super...well done Mom!
    Sending lotsaluv to you all

  2. So glad to hear your dad is showing some good signs and we will keep our paws crossed that he feels better and better as time goes on. His fur will grow back but at least it is getting warm so he won't be too cold without it. Your mom did an awesome job on your collar, very grown up for sure!

  3. Your Mom sure makes beautiful collars and leashes.

    We're glad you're back, we missed you.