Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

Third ♥ Barkday

Yes, today is the day! It is my third Barkday....and Hexe turned 5 years! Even my human auntie has her birthday many things to celebrate! Mum got me some green tripe. She drove extra all the way to the petshop, to the big one in the next city. We have a pet- and greenshop across the street, but they don't sell it. I am not a good eater; mum got me moose meat from Sweden and - I ignored it! She was furious; can you imagine!!!? Now mum hopes that I will take the tripe as this is usually my fave dinner........unfortunately dad had sudden pain in his jaw and even an op was necessary. He feels quite good in general and chemo will be off untill July, but this jaw and teeth infection does not come convenient. I hope so much he will be better again asap!
Above you see my official barkday photo: mum shot it while we inspected the blueberries in the fen (they are not ripe yet; it was too cold) and see all the lovely cottongrass behind me!!!


  1. Happy Barkday to the lot of you! Moose applauds you for declining Moose meat since it might have been his brother! I explained that it was not but he is stubborn on the matter.
    Sorry your dad is still having troubles and hope he gets well soon! Your pic is beautiful!!!
    Moose + Momma

  2. Good to catch up with all your news!
    So sorry your Dad is not feeling so well and very sad for Maxdog.
    But you look happy in the field with the flowers.
    Buster says he will eat anything.
    Hugs from New York.