Sonntag, 16. August 2009

As Time goes by.....

Today is a beautiful Summer Day and we have just been in the forest! So far, so good! We met a lady we know already since long. She has to two dogs: one shorthaired Collie and a large Pyrenees Mountain Dog Y. I usually play with both although they are very she was with one doggy run-around buddy the Collie just had to go over the Rainbow Bridge; he was 14 years old and I know this is very old. Their mum was very, very sad and the rest of the walk wasn't fun! Sunday's there are too many people in the woods. They are loud and leave their garbage, are unfriendly and have crazy dogs that I don't really like; people and dogs that are used to live in big cities. Finally mum and I took some photos. Here you see me on an ancient Bronce Age Barrow. We have many of them around and mum is very intrested in this time. Those places are still in good condition, although they are about 4000 years old! Sometimes they are deep in the forest; I like to stroll around there...many tracks to sniff about. Most people don't know about this and just run over it, sometimes even with cars or motorbikes. Mum puts the pix in Google Earth so you all can see them....


  1. That looks like a lovely area to walk. Has it cooled down enough to enjoy being outside?

    We're very sorry to hear about your Collie friend. Fourteen is a nice long life and I'm sure he was loved.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your friend. His mum must be very sad.
    Glad you had a nice walkie!
    Kisses and hugs