Sonntag, 9. August 2009

My best Buddy!

This is Bosse and me! We are VERY best buddies! Bosse is named after a character of Astrid Lindgren, like all dogs that were in his family before; his mum loooooves Astrid Lindgren's stories Y
Bosse is a PON! He was born in Berlin! Both our families lost their former doggies at the same time, so we know us from the first week we were in our new homes. Bosse is a few days younger then me, so whenever somebody wants to harm him I feel responsible and get angry...

This is a photo from the days when Bosse was still very small; he was very cute and wild! Y

On our walks we often see cows, like this young ones! Mum says cows are beautiful, more then horses. We live in a land of Horses and Cows..... Y


  1. Bosse is so cute. We'd love to play with her. She's black and white and has long hair - just like us.

  2. I can see you and Bosse get along pretty well!
    Sure is nice to have a super friend to play with you!
    Cows!!! I have never seen one in pawson!
    Kisses and hugs