Montag, 10. August 2009

☀ High Summer ❀❋☀

Although it has been so very hot the past days and Summer is definitely at its climax, mum produces hats!!! Crazy Humans!!! But she loves to wear them, too....who will ever understand....this is her with Hexe. When it is so hot Hexe is on mum's glass desk, hoping to cool down a little...
This is Hexe and me; poor thingy, has to wear an even heavier coat then me! Although I have very short har I do have a white undercoat as well: beautiful short soft angoralike hair. I don't need it right now! I think this is still from my ancestors who lived in Anatolias mountains, there its is cold and hot.....have a lovely new week!


  1. It is amazingly hot here (Richmond, Virginia), today! Poor babies with all that fur!

  2. You mom makes very nice hats. I like to make hats, too.

    These very hot days are hard on you furry creatures. Stay cool as well as you can and think about the cooler days ahead of us.

  3. The hat she made is pawesome but I'd save it for winter!
    Here is very hot too! And I have to fav places to be in... in my pool or right in front of the fan!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs