Montag, 3. August 2009

~ RIP Fritz ~

This is my predecessor FRITZ! He was always with mum and I know she still misses him much.
RIP old Buddy Fritz ~ 9. Jan 1996 - 4. June 2007 YYY
At home she made a memorial shelf for him and we always bring (wild) flowers from our walks...

But now she has me and am I not a pretty guy!!?!!


  1. Yes you are a pretty guy... and I'm sure Fritz would agree too :)


  2. Fritz was very handsome but so are you! Susie is lovely too of course. SO nice you get to live with a labra-pal! Moose wishes he had another dog but 2 is more than I can handle.
    Nice to meet you and we'll check back soon!
    Moose + Dana

  3. Such a handsome boy! I think we could have some good games together.

  4. You are a wonderful guy and I know your mom loves you so much, but we never forget the sweet companions who came before.

  5. Yes, you are very handsome.
    My mum will put up a picture of Skippy soon.
    Mum sometimes calls me Skippy by mistake........
    I tell her I am Buster
    She loved Skippy a lot