Donnerstag, 25. März 2010

~ Olly ~

Finally Spring here.... so lovely! First flowers are out and it was 22°C today!

Olly 1989 - 23.3.07!
Just a little cat! Mum thanks her for the Love she gave in almost 20 years that they could spend together....I never met Olly though; I was born two months after her crossing...

It is now almost 3 years ago that mum helped her to cross the Rainbow Bridge when her little body was torn and weak, but after having a happy long lifetime. It took her only about a minute to cross and it was a relief for her.
After being an indoor cat, she started travelling in the high age of 16. Travelling on and off the long way to Norway. In Norway she made small tours around the house, enjoyed napping in front of the fireplace and enjoyed life in general... RIP

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  1. Hooray for last!
    Such pretty flowers.

    The little dog in the post below looks a lot like Buster's friend Knut!!