Donnerstag, 18. März 2010


Mum still follows the Iditarod, although Lance won already and again! She is crazy about it and she wants to go there next year and leave me alone at home....this guy above we met in front of the post office. He was so tall; taller then me! His dad said he is not a pure bred Husky, but has a little Berner, too, although not visible eycept for his size. He was very friendly and fell around mum's neck; he was as tall as her. I was in the car and was furious...........

Here you can see mum preparing the sled! This was not in Alaska, but in Norway! It was -30°C mum said and I can't believe it. It was very cold here last winter, but not that cold.....this was also a long time ago, long before I was born!

Spring is here since yesterday! Dad was back in hospital yesterday and so he is today, so mum and I were off to do some field work! It was good to be back in the warming sun! We stopped here and made a walkie! This is not a beach, but inland dunes. I look a little odd as I wanted to run and run and run; in this area running is perfect, but I was just allowed when we met some other dogs; otherwise there was too much game around.....urgh! Woffsen!!

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  1. Wishing I could have been at the Ididarod.
    Woofs and Wags,