Mittwoch, 31. März 2010

A bit of Spring...

Mum had lots to do recently! Last Sunday she had to work on a Spring Market. It was beautiful there, but weather was very bad, so not that much to do. When we arrived this tom greeted us. Mum was all oooh and aahhh, she petted him and even carried him around. His name is Carlo and he lives in this manor. The other funny guys were visitors with their humans....

Yesterday weather was better, a little sun, but cool breeze. In the forest we saw lots of toads maling. I sniffed at some. Mum said the guys are smaller then the girls. Sometimes the girls have to suffer as there are often quite a few obstinate suitors hanging on her back and almost strangle her... it is definitely Spring here now!

I am flat today! Mum discovered accidently a dog run in another forest, which is twice as large as the one we usually go to and it is not too far away from home. I met maaaany new friends and had a good run! Also I met Susie twice today. So you probably can imagine how torn I am tonite?! But I feel so good....

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  1. Hi, Gizmo!
    Glad you had a nice day at that park!
    Kisses and hugs