Sonntag, 12. Juli 2009

I came a long Way!

Welcome to my Blog! My name is Gizmo and I am sort of a Kangal! I was born on May 27, 2007 in Rendsburg in Germany, but actually I come from very far! You can see my biological mum above; she is huge and she still lived far away in direction Iraq where it is dangerous and dogs are not very welcome! She and her brother were very lucky as they reached an animal shelter in Istanbul one fine day and were finally flown out to Germany. There dogs are welcome! My mum was very young, but we were already in her belly.
See, we were all fat puppies; no runt between us Y

Like all dogs I also love snow! That's why my new mum adds some for me here!
I have now a new mum with two legs only and no fur, but she is ok and cares for me and ever since I am grown I care for her, too, and watch our home...


  1. Hey Gizmo! Welcome to the blogging world!!!


  2. Awww Gizmo... I love your snowy background. You're awesome know why? You was borned on my Grandpa's b-day (he's a 2legger but they still count)My mama loves your name Gizmo... she said something about Gremlins.. she's weird sometimes though - Welcome to doggy bloggy world.. glad you got to see's me.. have you seen my butt fly yet? It flies.. stay tuned..
    Bell girl and her mama Kimberly

  3. Hello Gizmo!
    You are very cool.
    We are happy you have got a good home.
    Love from Buster.
    please may we put you on our list?

  4. I enjoyed your new blog. You were an adorable puppy and are a very handsome grown dog.

  5. Good luck Gizmo, and may you find love and peace, which all dogs dream of.

    Will be keen on watching you grow and have fun with your 2 and 4 legged family :)

    Katerina and Team

  6. Sweetie, you are one of the fortunate ones. Life is very, very hard for dogs and cats in Iraq. We are so happy that your momma made it to safety and that you found such a good home.