Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2009

Shopping and Goodies...

Today you can see some of my crazy friends from the dog park in the forest!
Above is me with a new friend. Today we could not go to the dog park. Weather is so bad. Mum says you take take your shampoo and have the shower outside. It is very sultry and sticky, like in a hothouse. Mum feels lazy and me, too, what is seldom enough...
In our area are new signs with tick warnings!!! Yes, I already had quite a few. Usually mum finds them when they are still loose running thru my coat... those little spiders are a pest!!!

After we have been to the market, we went to the very big pet shop! They have everything! Even goodies from Australia - Kangaroooo!!! Next to rumen from the market I got Ostrich and Reindeer. I know Reindeer, but I have never eaten this big bird. Will tell you later how it tasts. We also bought some food for Hexe, my cat!

Here are some more dog park friends - all are rescued dogs! Aren't they special? Y


  1. Food sounds yummy and we love the photos of your friends in the dog park!

    Take care

  2. You have some handsome friends. How nice that you can all play together in the park. Let us know how you like ostrich meat.