Freitag, 17. Juli 2009

~ Stormy Friday ~

Today was a strange day! It was a boring day in the beginning as we had a storm warning here and in fact it was dark and rainy and sticky and we all had quite a bad mood. We drove to the next city and did some shopping. That was boring for me, too. When we drove home it really started to rain very heavy and there was an awful thunderstorm just over us. But it didn't last that long. We were lucky and soon the sun came out again, but it remained sultry. It was not fun just walking around. Mum ended up in the blueberries again as she likes them a lot. We found accidently a place in the fen in a hidden area with really delicious berries. They are rare here, but I know them from Norway. There the entire forests, and this country is covered with forest everywhere, have a carpet of blueberries. So we were very happy to have found some here as well! As you can see above I like to pick them, too. Mum is really mad about them. I was patient and kept on picking a few for myself. Later we crossed the big road and started a walk along the creek so I could cool my feet. It is not deep enough for a swim. I was lucky! Cora was already there bathing with the kids. I joined in and we had soooo much fun!! I looooove to run and so we ran up and down the steep acclivities, through the water, up the other side and reverse. I strut a little as I am much faster then Cora; she has very short legs for a blonde Labby and is very sturdy, but still she did her best to catch me... wow that was FUN!!! So a boring day ended with a real highlite...
I will probably get my own fish still tonite! I want some! Sometimes I like to eat fish!!! Do you? You can click into the pool and feed them, so that they will get fat and tasty...enjoy!


  1. We all like blueberries, too and strawberries and especially watermelon.

    Your Portie Friends

  2. My blog friend Maria in Vienna's dog D'Ora eats blueberries from the bushes!
    Her blog is on my side bar lowed down!
    A super post.

  3. try

    a super dog blog with other things too

  4. Yummy - I love fish too! I get salmon oil in capsules as a treat after my breakfast and dinner. You should ask your mum to get you some. They're really tasty!

  5. thanks for stopping by my bloggy. I'm feelin' betters just limping around cuz I cant stop running all day I'm a weimaraner..
    Ni Nites
    Bell girl