Montag, 13. Juli 2009

♥ Dogs Prohibited ~

Thank you, dear New Friends, for your lovely comments to the opening of my blog!!! Woff, I am happy!!! Today we wanted to go to the sandpit again! As you can see above it was always lots of fun there. I love to run up and down the sandy hills and tease the other doggies and go for a swim in the big hole the workers made and that is filled with water now. We havn't been there since winter. You can see, in the photo above there is still little snow left. Today it was not worth to take any pix; I had to go on the leash all the time. All other dogs, too. Dogs running free not allowed anymore!!!! Upset!!! Signs everywhere and control and they take money, lots of money, from the mums and dads if we run free. This is a strategy that became very common in many cities and communites recently to get an extra income....what should I say; I am sad! And whatfor do I pay tax? Yes, I pay taxes as my humans!!! Did you know that dogs have to pay tax in Germany?.....
I am not the only 4-legger here at home! This is cute Hexe av Skien! She is a Norwegian Forestcat and she is an original Viking Cat. She was born in Norway! Isn't she pretty? Unfortunately she don't likes to play very wild with me... but I still love her tons...

And this is my bed! My bed is a holy place: I need it, I love it!


  1. Buster says that e has to go to the DogPark if he wants to be off the lead in New York.
    So that is not so much fun.
    He says he likes your cat.
    She is very pretty.

  2. WHAT A FURRY CUTE PICTURE OF YOUR C.A.T., AND WOW COMFY BEDDY. CAN I CUDDLES WIFFS YOU ON YOUR BEDS OR YOU NO SHARE WIFFS ME? Oh I furgot you're too far away. I likes the sand pits.. Oooooooooooooooooh fun I could run and chase you for days. Do you runs fast like me.. I try to be the fastest dog evfurr but there's always another doggy that has to run faster.

    Bell girl

  3. It's too bad you can't run free anymore. It looks like a beautiful place to play. Your cat friend is lovely.