Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009

Dave and George...

Mum sometimes looks thru and has some photos out there herself. She came across this picture and was overwhelmed! A picture from a soldier in Iraq holding a big puppy. This is not me!!! But to me it's looking like in a mirror... you see, dogs in Iraq all look like me!!!! I don't know who is Dave and who is George, but this picable pic had this title. This doggy is probably in the same age as me and I hope that he is still ok and enjoying a good life - maybe in the army!


  1. I hope he gets a happy home like you did.
    When we were in India this spring I saw some lovely dogs just like tthat.
    love from Buster in NY

  2. It's a scary time for dogs in Iraq. I hope he is safe and has a good home.